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Marni and Jarad’s Wedding

I was really looking forward to photographing this wedding as it was Marni who looked after my two kids at the fantastic Prior Street Day Care and Development Centre. She did a wonderful job of looking after them and I wanted to return the favour by capturing these special moments of her beautiful day.

The wedding took place at Marni and Jarad’s parents place and what a breathtaking setting it was. You could tell Laurie and Malcolm, Marni’s parents, had spent many hours on their beautiful garden, preparing for this special day. A lot of the detail shots of the garden, were taken by my second photographer Michelle Morrison. Her attention to detail is just amazing!

When we arrived at Marni’s parent’s house, we noticed how relaxed Marni was. Even to the point where ten minutes before the ceremony she was popping cupcakes out on the beautifully hand-crafted wood platters that Jarad had made.

Marni and Jarad were like a Prince and Princess, as they saw each other for the first time, high up on the balcony; that overlooked the courtyard where friends and family gathered below.

Marni, Jarad, Michelle and I then drove off for some after wedding ceremony photos, just in time to catch a beautiful sunset behind some trees. One of my favourite shots of the day was one of Marni and Jarad in front of a pink bougainvillea tree….not only is it a beautiful portrait of the lovely new couple – I narrowly avoided being hit by a car to get the shot! 🙂

It was a pleasure photographing you both and I wish you both all the happiness for the years to come. Cheers, Kate.



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